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Abacus covers all type of translations.

Each of our translators is a qualified professional tried and tested in their particular area of expertise. They of course translate into their mother tongue - an essential element of quality.

  • Do you need a letter translated immediately (private or business correspondence, legal proceedings, etc.)?
  • Do you want to send some documents to your clients in their native language?
  • Do you need translations in the advertising, technology, financial or legal fields?
  • Do you need to submit sworn translations of official documents?

Our success is founded on outstanding translation quality, fair prices and the strict compliance with agreed deadlines, as well as a confidentiality guarantee.

Our translation service covers all business sectors.

Here are some examples of the types of translations we offer.

Legal Translations require a high level of expertise from our translators.

With their previous experience in the industry or thanks to a real passion for the legal sector, our translators understand and accurately interpret legal terminology to achieve a precise and reliable standard of translation.

The medical sector uses extremely complex vocabulary and therefore requires an translator with high levels of proficiency within this sector in order to translate the technical terms used within documents.

This is one of the most complex forms of translation due to the use of technical language used. We rely highly on the technical knowledge and expertise of our translators in order to carry out accurate technical translations.

Marketing translations require a precise knowledge of not only the translating languages, but also great awareness of cultural differences.

Translating for the Entertainment Industry requires an in-depth awareness of both the primary and target language, as often fairly colloquial phrases need to be adapted to suit the target audience; otherwise some everyday phrases, if literally interpreted, could appear offensive.

Websites are the most important tools for communication. They enable potential clients to view your services or products. Having an accurate website translation is imperative to any business, in order to be able to reach out to clients and portray the business in a professional manner.